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Why Register Online With Us ?

Time Saving and Cost Saving

Save petrol and beat the queue with our online registration.

No Upfront Payment & Hidden Fees

Applying at TM Point is the same. All fees will be billed by TM after your installation is completed and the UniFi service is activated.

New Telephone Number

With a landline of your own, make calls to your friends and loved ones with ease. Cordless phone for added mobility.

5 Easy Steps To Super Fast Internet Speeds

  • 1 Fill in the form
  • 2 24hrs process time
  • 3 Collect thumbprint
    from your place
  • 4 Installation
  • 5 Done! Enjoy your high speed Internet

Choose Your UniFi Package

Choose Your Plan UniFi LiteStandard
Monthly Fee RM129
Download Speed 10 Mbps
Upload Speed 5 Mbps
Installation Fee RM200 FREE
Minimum Subscription * 24 Months
Voice Plan
No Voice Plan
20 cents/minute (Mobile)
10 cents/minute (Fixed Line)
(IDD Rates)
HyppTV Pack Jumbo Lite Pack APPLY NOW

* Customer will be charged the remaining Internet monthly fees (Internet monthly fees is calculated based on the actual Internet price before discount) for early termination within the contract period.


  • NO HyppTV box provided. Only HyppTV Everywhere is included in Unifi Lite 10Mbps package. Installer WILL NOT install HyppTV box at customer premise.
  • Telephone set NOT PROVIDED during installation. Customers are required to claim telephone set at TM Point.

What Our Customers Are Saying ?

Successful installs and happy clients, we take pride in delivering value laden services & entertainment bundles to our users. Here's what some had to say about our services.

  • UniFi sudah pasang. Terima kasih datang rumah ambil fingerprint dan buat pendaftaran unifi untuk saya.

    Cik. Sharizah
    Cik. Sharizah
  • Unifi Susah Pasang. Terima kasih sebab datang office kat saya utk buat registration dan thumbprint. Tak perlu i susah payah walk-in registration.

    Cik. Ezaura
    Cik. Ezaura
  • Sudah pasang. Terima kasih encik datang rumah register unifi untuk saya.

    Cik. Nadia
    Cik. Nadia

Apply anytime you want to, wherever you are! We are Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Your application will be processed immediately and you will be informed the next working day.


No UniFi Coverage In Your Area ?

Worry not! We still have you covered with our Streamyx packages! With connection speed up to 8 Mbps, every browsing experience is an elation. Subscribe today!


Register UniFi Lite
Name (as in IC)
New NRIC / Passport Number
Mobile No.
Email Address
UniFi Installation Address
(Foreigners) Upload Photocopy Passport for Verification Purpose
Are you currently using TM Streamyx at the above address?
Preferred UniFi Login ID / Email
Please specify 3 preferred ID / Email address, i.e. One item per line.
Starting 1st Nov 2016, all TM applications require customer's thumbprint verification to be done in order to comply with FULL BIOMETRIC SYSTEM implemented by TM. TM reserve the right to reject any application without thumbprint verification within 3 working days from the day of registration. Thank you.
Available date/time for us to collect thumbprints and supporting documents
Alternative Appointment Date
Additional Remarks

TM's UniFi High Speed broadband service brings you the world of Video, Internet and Phone for your enjoyment. For easy reference, the packages you see here are termed “V” for Video, “I” for Internet and “P” for Phone, while numbers indicate the download speeds. This is a new service provided by TM Net Sdn Bhd, an Internet Service Provider in Malaysia.

UniFi is a new high speed broadband service based on the latest fiber optic (fully digital) and Very High Speed DSL technologies. It will able to support data bandwidth of up to 100Mbps currently for Internet, Voice and IPTV applications. Now you can enjoy downloads of up 120 GBs* per month and download music, video and files in a little as 8 secs for 5Mb MP3 file.

Enjoy the best online experience as never before. Watch Youtube videos without the breaks and pauses. Save time when you need to download files, run Windows updates 20X* faster than before. Video Skype your friends and have jitter-free video conversations. Tune in to Facebook and watch the photos and videos literally pop out instantly.

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